​275 Grove Rd. P.O. Box 1828    Richmond, Indiana  47375-1828

Phone:  765-935-3000  

E-Mail:  hopehouse@richmondhopehouse.org


Those contemplating a referral or personal admission to the Hope House Recovery Program are asked to review this information.

The Hope House Recovery Program is based in the personal journey to sobriety each client must make individually.  To gain the ability to maintain a productive life in sobriety, each client must use the training the Hope House provides and create a set of coping skills that they can use the rest of their lives. 

The process starts with the client's desire to stay and learn.  There are no window bars, no checks on your activities and in time, on your daily responsibilities.  Each client faces the responsibility of their personal actions.  Behavioral problems are handled through either through the staff or in Community, the self-governing body of the program.  

The Program does not set timelines for completion of the program.  Each client takes the needed time to finish, whatever that is for that person. 

The Program is comprised of 3 levels:  Off-The-Street 1 (OTS-1), Off-The-Street 2 (OTS-2) and Recovery.  Each level is earned by completion of a section of the program.  Each level also increases a client's permissions and responsibilities to the Hope House Program, to the community at large and finally, to themselves.

During your stay at the Hope House, we ask that family visits be on the weekends only.  Outside contacts are not permitted during the week. 

During the week, classes will be conducted daily in the morning and in the afternoon.  Evenings is when most AA, NA, AAA or CCR meetings are held.  The classes include resume writing, social skills, study of the Big Book, Recovery Dynamics, Inc. general classroom studies, life skills, health classes, nutrition information, spirituality meetings and therapy groups.  All classes and meetings are held at the Hope House.

These classes are conducted by outside lecturers from Purdue University Extension, I.U. East, Aspire Health Services, members of the local addiction community, certified addictions counselors, local church pastors, guest lecturers and staff.

The Hope House also conduct "Enrichment For Life" events on a regular basis.  For clients in the OTS 2 and Recovery levels of their personal program, regular field trips are conducted to regional museums and events.  Examples include visits to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum, community events and museums in Indianapolis such as the Indianapolis 500 and Children's museums.   The goal of this program is to create positive triggers in our clients to use in their personal development of skills to cope with their addiction(s).

Your personal needs are met by the Hope House.  Daily, two meals are provided at the facility (breakfast and dinner) and we expect clients to go out into the community each day for a free lunch at a local soup kitchen.  This is part of the program and most clients go as a group to the lunch locations.  The Hope House has a clothes closet for clients and also has shaving, etc. items available for use.  There is also a washer/dryer at the House.

There is no fee(s) involved for clients of the Hope House programs any time during their stay.  But please note that clients from outside Wayne County are asked to consider a donation to the program.

If you are interested in admission to the Recovery Program, we ask that you call the office at 765-935-3000.  The staff will give you an assessment interview and an admissions appointment to come to the Hope House facility.